AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB Review 348

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB Review

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The Card

Graphics Card Front
Graphics Card Back

AMD chose to equip their Fury X with a liquid-cooling solution. The radiator is a 120 mm variant, 12 cm wide, 15.5 cm tall, and 6.5 cm deep. The card itself has no fan, but houses the pump, which circulates the water in the liquid-cooling loop. A backplate is included as well. Dimensions of the card are 19.5 cm x 11.5 cm.

Graphics Card Height

Installation requires two slots in your system, but you will also have to attach the watercooling radiator somewhere in your case.

Monitor Outputs, Display Connectors

Display connectivity options include three DisplayPorts and one HDMI port. There are no more DVI ports, which also means no analog VGA connectivity. I hear that all retail cards will come with a DisplayPort to DVI adapter in the package.

The GPU includes an HDMI sound device. It is HDMI 1.4a compatible (not HDMI 2.0, so 4K at 30 Hz max), which includes HD audio and Blu-ray 3D movies support.

Multi-GPU Area

A physical CrossFire connector is not present as all Fiji-based GPUs send their CrossFire data via the PCI-Express bus.

Graphics Card Teardown PCB Front
Graphics Card Teardown PCB Back

Pictured above are the front and back, showing the disassembled board. High-res versions are also available (front, back).
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