AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review 163

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

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Clock Frequencies

The following chart shows how well the processor sustains its clock frequency, and which boost clock speeds are achieved at various thread counts. This test uses a custom-coded application that mimics real-life performance—it is not a stress test like Prime95. Modern processors change their clocking behavior depending on the type of load, which is why we provide three plots with classic floating point math, SSE SIMD code, and the modern AVX vector instructions. Each of the three test runs calculates the same result using the same algorithm, just with a different CPU instruction set.


For overclocking, I set a fixed voltage of 1.4 V and started increasing clocks, while checking stability at the same time. This is extremely easy due to AMD Ryzen Master, which has come a long way and is now top-notch.

My highest all-core maximum stable overclock using an air cooler was 4.65 GHz, but with above 1.4 V. 4.7 GHz just wasn't possible, not even with excessive voltage, so I settled for 4.6 GHz @ 1.4 V.

Using a 240 mm AIO, I still couldn't get 4.7 GHz fully stable. Increasing voltage to 1.5 V just increased power and heat.
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