Antec GX700 Review 6

Antec GX700 Review

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Antec packages the GX700 into a brown cardboard box with a few different shades of gray to make the printed materials stick out. The front has a partial image of the chassis and the rear holds a blow-up diagram of the enclosure along with a list of features. Both sides have additional shots of the GX700 and holes to aid in carrying it around.

Two sturdy Stryrofoam spacers hold the case in place, and a thin but capable plastic bag has been put over the Antec GX700 to protect it from scratches and fingerprints.


You will get a bag of all-black screws and a few zip ties with the GX700. A simple but effective manual is also part of the package. It will be interesting to see if the included bits are enough for those filling the case up to the rim.
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