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Antec HCG-620M 620 W Review

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The packaging is small and this is something expected since it accommodates a PSU with small footprint. On the front we find an angled photo of the unit itself in a dark background. On the top left side there is the series description along with the letter "M" which distinguishes the modular units. On the opposite corner resides the 80 Plus Bronze badge while on the yellow strip there is a phrase informing the interested user that this unit was designed by Antec in California. As it seems California's sun makes this department pretty active. On the rear side of the box we meet a description of the available connectors and a reference to the unit's most important characterististics and features. Antec states that the unit is ATX 2.32 compliant but to the best of our knowledge the most current ATX spec is 2.31. On the two sides of the box there is information about the fan's profile/output noise and a series of badges describing some of the unit's features. Finally on the bottom side of the box the power specifications table is given while on the top side there is a small table showing the unit's dimensions. As you can see there is plenty of information on the packaging, for everyone interested.


Inside the box a thick piece of cardboard protects the unit, since Antec avoids the use of non-eco friendly protective layers like packing foam. The PSU is also further protected by a nylon bag. The bundle is not so rich and besides the essential modular cables it includes a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord, a user's manual and a single re-usable cable tie.


The new HCG-620M features nice looks and the side decals with the red color make a pretty good combination with the black, near glossy, finish. On the two sides there is also Antec's logo embossed in the bottom right corner. On the front a honeycomb style exhaust grill is used and there is also a very useful On/Off switch. On the rear side the fixed cables are only two and fully sleeved back into the housing. Regardless the few native cables and the pretty large cable exit hole on the enclosure, there is a grommet to provide extra protection. The modular connectors consist of four 10-pin and two 5-pin sockets. The octagon-shaped fan grill features a nice badge in its center and on the opposite, bottom, side the specifications label is installed. In general the unit's external quality is very good and a clear indication of the high workmanship. Hopefully in the internals we will meet the same picture, too.
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