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Antec P280 Review

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Antec packages the P280 in a full color box with a black backdrop. In the front is a simple picture of the chassis, while the rear goes into great detail about the features. You will find additional images of the chassis on either side of the package.

The P280 is held in place by two foam spacers, while a plastic bag protects the case from fingerprints and scratches.


You will not receive a lot of extras with the chassis. There is a bag of silver screws along with a few zip ties. It would have been nice to have black variants of the screws, as these would go much better with the all-black chassis frame. A simple pamphlet - not a manual - is also part of the contents. Nonetheless, even though everything is self-explanatory within the chassis, a manual is never a bad thing for those doing their first build. Antec does offer it as a download on their website so you just have to make sure to print it out before taking apart your existing system if that is your only means to get online.
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