AOC AGON AG271QG 144-165 Hz Review 21

AOC AGON AG271QG 144-165 Hz Review

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The Package

The front and rear of the box are exactly the same. They show us a picture of the monitor, its name, and a list of key specifications. Here's where we first find out that it's equipped with a G-Sync module, has a panel with a refresh rate that goes up to 165 Hz, the pixel response time is 4 ms (GtG), and that it sports a 1440p resolution. Two features, called Shadow Control and Game Control (more on them in the OSD section of the review), are also mentioned.

Oddly enough, you're supposed to figure out the screen's size by the way of the "LED 27 Class" mention. Under that is a picture of the rear of the monitor, which is far more aggressive than its front. If you take a good look, you might also notice a protrusion on its right side. As you're most likely guessing, that's a built-in foldable hanger for your headset or headphone.

The sides of the box once again go over the monitor's key specifications. The sticker on one of these also clearly states the date when the monitor was produced. This is a welcome addition as advanced monitors oftentimes receive "silent" upgrades and new firmware revisions, which users cannot install on their own. This exact model came out of the factory in May of 2016. That makes it one of the earlier revisions of this monitor.

Aside from the monitor and its stand inside the box, you'll find a spec sheet and some warranty information, a DisplayPort cable (1.2 meters), 3.5-milimeter audio cable (1.5 meters), which you can use to play sound from external sources, USB 3.0 upstream cable (1.5 meters), and an external power brick to power the monitor. The cable that runs from the monitor to the brick is 1.2 meters long. The cable that exits the brick and leads to the power socket is 1.8 meters long.

This metal module needs to be affixed to the rear of the monitor if you decide to use a VESA mount (100x100) instead of the provided stand.
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