Apexdesk Elite ZT Series Electric Standing Desk & Anti-Fatigue Mat Review 4

Apexdesk Elite ZT Series Electric Standing Desk & Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

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Apexgaming is an alliance between two major companies: Apextechusa and Solytech Cooperation. Both companies have plenty of experience in the IT field; thus, the newly formed brand, which has its headquarters in California. It promises to deliver reliable high-performance peripherals and IT accessories. Apexgaming states that its focused is on producing innovatively designed products which aid users in achieving their objective. In this review, we will take a detailed look at an electric desk and an anti-fatigue mat from the company.

Not many people are aware of the health-related benefits of height-adjustable standing desks, while the anti-fatigue mat supports the lower limbs. Sitting for hours on end harms your body as much as smoking does, which is why some specialists claim that sitting for many hours on a daily basis is the new cancer. That's a bold statement for sure, and the truth usually lies somewhere in between.

The Elite ZT is a modern-looking desk that goes on top of your existing desk. It comes in three colors, and its height is adjustable through the push of a button. Other than a retractable lower surface for a full-size keyboard, it also has an embedded USB charging port on the right side. With a price tag of below $300, your current working space can be upgraded to offer a healthier way of working.

To accommodate any end user, the anti-fatigue mat is quite large and does not have a weight limit, which sounds cool! It comes in three different colors and is quite soft to the touch, which actually makes it just as comfortable as one would expect.

Apexdesk Elite ZT Series Electric Standing Desk Features & Specifications
Materials:MDF & Steel
Color Availability:Black/White/Walnut
Material Properties:

Anti-scratch, high pressure laminate




Upper: 91.5 x 61 cm (36.02" x 24.01")
Lower: 63.5 x 24 cm (25"x 9.64")

Raising Position Distance (height):14.5–46 cm (5.70 x 18.11")
Weight Load Capacity:41 kg (90.38 lb)
Net Weight:

25 kg (55.11 lb)

Floor to Base:

48–56 cm (18.89–22.048 ")

Type of Mechanism:



100–230 VAC

Incorporated USB Port:

Yes (for charging)


2 years for the motor

Price at Time of Review (excluding VAT):$269.99

Apexgaming Anti-Fatigue Mat Features & Specifications
Material properties:

Skid & fire resistant




2 cm x 86 cm x 50 cm
(0.78" x 33.85" x 19.68")

Weight Load Capacity:Unlimited (!)
Net Weight:

1.5 kg (3.3 lb)


2 years

Price at Time of Review (excluding VAT):$39.99
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