Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4 Rev. 2 Review 9

Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4 Rev. 2 Review

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From the manufacturer Arctic Cooling:

Today we test Revision 2 of the Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4. Read our review of version 1 here.

Fan casingHair Dryer (35 fins)
Heatsink platet(Cu)=2.5mm, 1.3mm
BearingArtic Ceramic Bearing: the shaft is made of ceramic for the perfect performance
Memory coolerYes
Fan Speed5V: 1100 RPM12V: 2000 RPM
PlugSmall 3 pin. Connects to video card
Fan cable length150 mm


Box contents:
  • VGA cooler with fan and screws
  • Backside cooling plate
  • Thermal Paste
  • PCI slot cover
  • Instruction manual
  • Sticker

The first revision used a heatsink base which was higher than the surrounding copper, which led to flatness problems. Revision two does not use this, so the surface is much flatter.


As always when installing a VGA Silencer, installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

The second revision uses thermal pads to improve contact with the memory chips. Contact is excellent now, revision 1 had a few problems with it. It is easy to get the thermal pads off when removing the cooler.

The fan connector cable is a bit long, but it is possible to hide the excess cable under the cooling fan.
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