Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Review 22

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB Review

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Starting with the front of the box, you will find a full-color look at the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB in all its glory. Along with the support for all major ARGB motherboard implementations and inclusion of Arctic's MX-5 thermal paste. Moving to the left side gives us the detailed unit specifications, such as fan and pump RPM ranges, overall dimensions, etc. Meanwhile, the back has a QR code for the online installation manual.

The right side has another QR code for technical support, but nothing else, and the top just has the product name and company logo.


While the packaging is stylish and bold, I find the protection it affords a bit lacking. While our unit arrived safe and sound, the cooler was packaged with the radiator and pump secured via some cardboard and nothing else. Being less elaborate with the packaging helps keep costs down, but I would like to see more protection afforded to the product just for the sake of peace of mind.

The cooler supports all the current and most past mainstream sockets, including Intel's LGA115x, LGA1200, and even LGA1700. Only the Intel LGA1366 socket appears to have been left out. On the AMD side, only Socket AM4 is supported. No support is listed for older AMD sockets, but considering how old those sockets are now and how far behind in terms of performance, it is not unexpected. As for the mounting hardware itself, this unit had the Arctic LGA1700 kit added, so there is some overlap in the supplied parts; I listed everything my unit came with below.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 8x radiator screws
  • 8x fan screws
  • 8x radiator fan screw washers
  • 4x Intel LGA2066 / LGA2011 standoffs
  • 4x Intel LGA1700 / LGA1200 / LGA115x standoffs
  • 4x AMD mounting screws
  • 4x AMD spacers
  • 4x Intel Socket LGA1200 / LGA115x flat plastic washers
  • 4x washers for Intel LGA1700 / LGA1200 / LGA115x
  • 4x washers for Intel socket LGA1700 backplate
  • 4x thumb nuts
  • 4x mounting arm screws
  • 4x backplate nuts
  • 4x rubber O-rings
  • 2x Intel mounting arms
  • 2x AMD mounting arms
  • 1x Intel backplate *old design
  • 1x Intel metal backplate *new design
  • 1x tube of MX-5 thermal paste
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