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Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review

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We would like to thank Arozzi for supplying the review sample.

Someone looking into purchasing a fine gaming chair nowadays will immediately figure that prices tend to go through the roof for a good chair. Many then believe that a good gaming chair is out of their reach, which has them turn to more affordable and mainstream chair models. However, without the option to at least try out a good, albeit expensive, chair, there is no way for them to figure out the rather significant advantages a good chair brings to the table in comparison to a cheap chair for below $100.

Arozzi is a Swedish company with only a few years in the market since it was established in 2013. However, the company seems to have a huge variety of products from various categories on offer, such as gaming glasses, microphones, gaming chairs, etc. Some months ago, we reviewed our first gaming chair from Arozzi, the Verona V2, which addresses mainstream users due to its sub-300 dollars price tag.

The time has come for another chair from this brand to be reviewed. One of Arozzi's more recent chair models is the Vernazza, which comes in seven different color combinations and will, as such, fit into most gaming environments. The Vernazza is covered in PU and has a high backrest and broad sitting area. This chair sports ergonomics typical to most gaming chairs, and the Vernazza World of Tanks special edition is currently Arozzi's most expensive chair model with a €359 (including VAT) price tag. All other Vernazza models are €10 less, while in the US, their price tags are set to $399. This puts the Vernazza chair model into the medium gaming chair category since high-end models ask for more than $500.

Arozzi Vernazza
Features & Specs
Model NumberVernazza-BK
Main ColorBlack
Stitching ColorBlack
Upholstery Material


Logo Color

White & black stitching

Seat's Width44 cm (17.3")
Seat's Width (point of contact)31 cm (12.2")
Seat's Depth (at point of contact)

52 cm (20.5")

Seat's Base Height (from the floor)

47-54 cm (18.5–21.3 ")

Seat foam density

70 kg/m3

Width of Backrest (shoulder level)

48 cm (18.9")

Width of Backrest (pelvis level)

48 cm (18.9")

Backrest's Height

86 cm (33.9")

Backrest's foam density

65 kg/m3

Adjustable Backrest

90-170 degrees

Lumbar & Neck Support

Yes (two pillows are provided)

Armrests Adjustability3D Adjustable
Armrest's Width10 cm (3.39")
Armrest's Depth25 cm ( 9.84")
Distance Between Armrests52 cm (20.5")
Gas LiftClass 4
Adjustable Tilt ResistanceYes
Rocking MechanismYes (12 degrees max)
Maximum Weight (user):
145 kg (320 lb)
Base Material


Net weight

26 kg (57 lb)

Gross weight

28.5 kg (62 lb)

Box Dimensions

86 x 69 x 35 cm (33.9 x 27.2 x 13.8 ")

Warranty2 years
Price at Time of Review (excl. VAT):$399
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