Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three Review 7

Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three Review

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I would like to thank Ekaterina from Art.Lebedev Studio for organizing and Florian from for providing the review sample.

Art.Lebedev Studio is well known for its Optimus keyboard which sports OLEDs on each button. They have released interesting designer hardware, like a mouse which looks like a mouse pointer, as well as other functional items. The studio also creates websites and has made the N93 promotional website for Russia. Art.Lebedev also designs the look and feel of industrial devices like microwave ovens. Check out the long list of designs here. supplies general "Geek Wear" and Toys for the computer enthusiast. You will find anything from exclusive hardware like the Optimus Mini Three to T-Shirts and Stickers on their website. They are based in Germany but do sell abroad as well. The store was founded by two avid "computer freaks" as they call themselves. Their "About us" page is quite personal and friendly, with pictures and first names. It is quite refreshing to see real faces behind a successful business like this.

The Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three is available in black and silver:

We got the black variant, let's take a look at it!
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