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Asetek Vapochill Micro Review

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I would like to thank Asetek and for making this review possible.
  • Ultra Low Noise (Fan regulation & Ultra Low Noise Fan)
  • 150W CPU Cooling Capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Safe Operation
  • High Reliability
  • Low Weight

When you ask hardcore overclockers about companies who have the best extreme cooling gear, you can bet that Asetek is among the first mentioned. Their Vapochill Extreme Cooling Units are legendary. But those units come with a hefty price tag of over several hundred dollars.
The average user is not willing to pay that much, he does not need such mad cooling performance anyway. Also installation of those units tends to be complicated because you have to insulate all parts against condensation which would form with the subzero temperatures.

In order to offer a product more geared to the more mainstream user, Asetek has engineered the Vapochill Micro series which are based on the same physical principle as the Vapochill Extreme Cooling units.
While the principle is the same, do not expect to reach sub-zero temperatures with the Vapochill Micro, it essentially is a heatpipe cooler, just with some very clever ideas. Asetek's experience in designing high-performance cooling units sure has helped here.

There are three different Vapochill Micro products:
  • High-End
  • Extreme Performance
  • Low-Noise
All three share the same heatsink unit, only the fan is different. The Extreme-Performance and Low-Noise versions also include a fan speed controller.

Dimensions139×98×50 mm
can be applied in most ATX midi and tower cases
Weight278 g (355g incl. 92mm fan)
Thermal resistance
at full speed
0.32 K/W (Ultra Low Noise)
0.30 K/W (High End)
0.27 K/W (Extreme Performance)
Tube dimensions H: 98 mm, Diameter: 13 mm
Base dimensions Diameter: 50 mm, Thickness: 6 mm
Cooling LiquidTetrafluoroethane-1,1,1,2 (R134A)
Ultra Low Noise Fan
Noise levelFan speed regulator low setting: N/A (silent)
Fan speed regulator high setting: <28 dB(A)
Bearing Type Hydro wave Bearing
Input Current 0.2 Amp
Rated Speed 2350 RPM
Air flow 17.657 CFM
High End Fan
Noise levelFan speed regulator low setting: <28 db(A)
Fan speed regulator high setting: 35 dB(A)
Bearing Type Sleeve
Input Current 0.55 Amp
Rated Speed 3800 RPM
Air flow 67.0 CFM
Extreme Performance Fan
Noise levelFan speed regulator low setting: <28 dB(A)
Fan speed regulator high setting: 39 dB(A)
Bearing Type Sleeve
Input Current 0.5 Amp
Rated Speed 3800 RPM
Air flow 73.656 CFM


The clear package lets potential customers see how the Vapochill Micro is built. You can open the package without the use of any knife.

Box contents:
  • VapoChill Micro
  • Air duct
  • Low-noise 92mm fan
  • Four fan mounting pins
  • PCI fan speed controller + mounting screw (not on high-end version)
  • Fan and controller wires
  • Mounting plate
  • Instruction manual
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