ASRock AB350M Pro4 Review 9

ASRock AB350M Pro4 Review

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Power Consumption and Temperatures

Stock CPU, 2133 MHz Memory
CPU Voltage:1.344 V
DRAM Voltage:1.20 V
Idle Power:8 W
Load Power:123 W
VRM Temperature:51.7°C
Chipset Temperature:34.6°C
4.3 GHz CPU, 2133 MHz Memory
CPU Voltage:1.328 V
DRAM Voltage:1.20 V
Idle Power:12 W
Load Power:112 W
VRM Temperature:51.4°C
Chipset Temperature:35.2°C

The ASRock AB350M Pro4 does a good job of dissipating heat. Though it is not the best I have seen, it should stay stable in hotter climates. Power consumption was good and around what I was expecting after testing the Taichi Ultimate. As is often the case, power draw under load actually goes down when the voltage is set manually even with the small overclock.
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