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ASRock DeskMini 110 Review

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Exterior Look

ASrock's DeskMini PCs feature a 5"x5" size, making for a tiny cube that provides performance greater than that of Intel's NUCs.

The front of the ASRock DeskMini 110 has a very simple look with dual audio and a couple USB ports and the power switch. It comes with feet in a bag, so you can decide whether you want to put it on your desk either sitting flat or standing tall.

Both the side and bottom for the rubber feet (which helps minimize transferred noise through fan vibrations) are solid. The remaining sides do have a decent amount of ventilation. The bottom where you'd add the rubber feet so it can lay flat also contains attachment points for a VESA mount. I didn't get a VESA mount or the other required hardware with my demo unit. It appears those must be purchased separately.

The rear of the unit has the power plug's hole, three different video outputs, dual USB, and a LAN port. There are also areas on the case that could allow for the addition of other accessory ports, although wiring to make use of those optional holes were not provided in my pre-release sample, which, like the VESA mount, leads me to think that they also are optional accessories you'd need to purchase separately.
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