ASUS CT-479 Pentium M Adapter Review 8

ASUS CT-479 Pentium M Adapter Review

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Introduction CT-479

We are going to take a look at the ASUS CT-479 Adapter which allows you to use an Intel Mobile Processor in your desktop. This Socket 478 to Socket 479 converter is considerably less expensive than the native Socket 479 boards, which you will not find for less than 200 US dollars at the time of this review.
With the ASUS CT-479 adapter you can turn that old ASUS 865P/875P mobo into a serious gaming machine. If you have one of the supported ASUS motherboards and the latest BIOS this may be one of the cheapest performance purchases you can make. What this review will focus on is the performance between the ASUS P4P800-E with a P4 3.2E Prescott and the ASUS CT-479 adapter with a Pentium M 750 Dothan.
It is possible to get higher clocks out of this board by doing the vdroop and vdimm voltage mods, however since most of our readers will just install the adapter and not do the mods, I decided not to do them for the review. Instead, as an extra bonus, I'm going to review the OCZ DDR Booster along with the ASUS CT-479 Adapter.

Supported Motherboards

Model NameBIOS Version
P4P800 SE BIOS 1008
P4P800-VMBIOS 1016
P4P800-E DeluxeBIOS 1007
P4C800-E DeluxeBIOS 1021
P4GD1BIOS 1005
Source: ASUS

Supported CPUs

Banias1.3GHz~1.7+ GHz
Dothan1.5GHz~2.26+ GHz
Celeron1.2GHz~1.7+ GHz
DOES NOT support Intel Pentium M "Low"& "Ultra Low" CPU
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