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ASUS MARS GTX 760 4 GB Review

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The GeForce GTX 760 has been on the market for a while and has established itself as a solid upper- midrange graphics card. The card is based on the same 28 nm GK104 silicon as the GeForce GTX 680, but only features six of the chip's eight streaming multiprocessors, which translates into a configuration with 1,152 CUDA cores and 96 texture memory units (TMUs). Unlike the GTX 660 Ti, NVIDIA left the memory and raster operations subsystems untouched, giving the chip a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface and 32 ROPs.

The chip features NVIDA's new GPU Boost 2.0 technology, which takes temperature, power, and load into account. Opportunities for the GPU to run boost frequencies at load are greater if the GPU is cool (under the 80°C mark) and therein lies the incentive to opt for custom-design graphics cards with competent cooling solutions. The memory is clocked at 6 Gbps, which yields a decent memory bandwidth of 192 GB/s, a 33 percent increase over the GTX 660 Ti and GTX 660.

ASUS carved a completely new, unique product out of this successful GTX 760 foundation: the ROG MARS GTX 760. It is based on two GTX 760 GPUs on one graphics card running in SLI, connected through a PLX PEX8747 PCI-Express gen 3.0 bridge chip on the card. All major specs, like shaders, memory size, bus width, etc., have effectively been doubled due to the use of two graphics processors.

The card is priced at a seemingly steep $630, which is significantly more expensive than buying two separate GTX 760 cards for $470. The ASUS MARS GTX 760 is only $70 cheaper than NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 780 Ti flagship.

ASUS GTX 760 MARS Market Segment Analysis
GTX 770
HD 7970
GHz Ed.
GTX 680
GTX 780
R9 290
R9 290X
HD 7990
GTX Titan
GTX 760
GTX 780 Ti
GTX 690
Shader Units1536204815362304256028162x 204826882x 115228802x 1536
ROPs3232324864642x 32482x 32482x 32
Graphics ProcessorGK104TahitiGK104GK110HawaiiHawaii2x TahitiGK1102x GK104GK1102x GK104
Transistors3500M4310M3500M7100M6200M6200M2x 4310M7100M2x 3500M7100M2x 3500M
Memory Size2048 MB3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB4096 MB4096 MB2x 3072 MB6144 MB2x 2048 MB3072 MB2x 2048 MB
Memory Bus Width256 bit384 bit256 bit384 bit512 bit512 bit2x 384 bit384 bit2x 256 bit384 bit2x 256 bit
Core Clock1046 MHz+1050 MHz1006 MHz+863 MHz+947 MHz1000 MHz1000 MHz837 MHz+1006 MHz+876 MHz+915 MHz+
Memory Clock1753 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz1250 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1750 MHz1502 MHz
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