ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme Intel LGA1155 Review 40

ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme Intel LGA1155 Review

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Sales figures don't lie: ASUS is THE force on the market when it comes to motherboards. Since its inception in 2006, ASUS's ROG line of products has been at the forefront of catering to the desires of PC technology enthusiasts around the globe.

ASUS says this of their ROG line-up:
As a hardware vendor that is in tune with the pulse of PC gamers needs and wants, ASUS is in sync with the industry. With the ASUS ROG brand, we take an active part in the global gaming community, helping develop the industry by sponsoring popular events such as QuakeCon, Dreamhack, and BlizzCon. As a result of our dedication to the gaming industry, renowned game publisher Blizzard has selected ASUS as the official hardware sponsor for two consecutive years. ASUS is proud to be an integral part of the industry and community and will continue to provide the latest hardware to enhance the gaming experience.
ROG stands for "Republic of Gamers", and the products under its wide umbrella encompass the needs and wants of gamers everywhere. What gamers as a whole want is fast, reliable gaming. For many years there's been a tradition of gamers tossing fancy graphics aside in a search of more performance for a competitive edge. In further recognizing the gains in performance leading to gains in points, one thing cannot be overlooked: overclocking.

With the launch of Intel's Z77 Express platform, high-performance was also coupled up with low power draw. With it came huge flexibility in clockspeeds, both for CPUs based on Ivybridge silicon and for system memory, with many claiming overclocked memory speeds of 3000 MHz+. Not every product can get there, and it does depend on the motherboard, but with Futuremark's 3DMark titles being many an extreme enthusiast's favorite game to play, ASUS's ROG team has a product, the ASUS Maximus V Extreme, to meet that need.

Lately, I've looked at quite a few high-end Intel 77 products. Many cost around $400, and the most common feedback to all these motherboards is "Why do I need to spend so much?" Each board maker has different takes on the answer to that question, but the constant between all of them is about delivering a product that has no limits - the Maximus V Extreme is definitely ASUS's "no limits" product. With ASUS, "no limits" has a different meaning for sure, and the ROG vision covers a huge area of functionality. Prepare yourself...this is my largest review yet.


CPU SUPPORT:2nd & 3rd Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor family for the LGA 1155 Socket
POWER DESIGN:CPU Power: 8+4+2 Phases (CPU+iGPU+VTT)
PCH Power: 2 Phase
Memory Power: 2 Phases
CHIPSET:Intel Z77 Express
INTEGRATED GRAPHICS:Dependant on installed CPU
MEMORY:4 x DIMM, Max. 32 GB, DDR3 1066 to DDR3 2800+
BIOS:Dual AMI EFI BIOS with 2x 64 Mb Flash ROM
SLOTS:5 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 Slots (x16 or dual x8 or x8/x16/x8 or x8/x16/x8/x8)
1 x PCIe 2.0 x4
1 x mPCIe 2.0 x1
HDD CONNECTIVITY:2 x SATA 6.0 Gb/s (Intel Z77)
4 x SATA 6.0 Gb/s (Marvell)
3 x SATA 3.0 Gb/s (Intel Z77)
PORTS:8 x USB 3.0 ports (4 at front panel, 4 at rear panel)
8 x USB 2.0 ports (4 at back panel, 4 at front panel)
1 x RJ45 LAN connectors
1 x Audio port with 5 audio jacks
2 x Optical Digital Audio port
1 x ThunderBolt port
1 x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port
1 x HDMI port
1 x DisplayPort
1 x ClearCMOS
1 x ROG Connect
FORM FACTOR:E-ATX Form Factor (305 mm x 272 mm)
  • ASUS TurboV EVO
  • ASUS Wi-Fi GO!
  • AI Suite II
  • Ai Charger+
  • USB Charger+
  • USB 3.0 Boost
  • Disk Unlocker
  • ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution
  • ASUS Fan Xpert 2
  • ASUS O.C. Profile
  • ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3
  • ASUS EZ Flash 2
  • ASUS Q-Design
  • ASUS Q-Shield
  • ASUS Q-Code
  • ASUS Q-Slot
  • ASUS Q-Connector
  • mPCIe Combo
  • ROG OC Key
  • OSD TweakIt
  • OSD Monitor
  • ROG Connect
  • RC Diagram
  • RC Remote
  • RC Poster
  • GPU TweakIt
  • Extreme Engine Digi+ II
  • ROG Extreme OC kit
  • Subzero Sense
  • VGA Hotwire
  • Slow Mode
  • LN2 Mode
  • PCIe x16 Lane Switch
  • EZ Plug
  • ProbeIt
  • ROG BIOS Print
  • GPU.DIMM Post
  • iROG
  • Extreme Tweaker
  • USB BIOS Flashback
  • ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
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