ASUS R9 270 Direct CU II OC 2 GB Review 13

ASUS R9 270 Direct CU II OC 2 GB Review

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AMD released their Radeon R9 270 Non-X just last week. The card isn't exactly new; it's basically an R9 270X (with the same amount of shaders), same memory, but lower clock speeds. The R9 270 is meant to replace the AMD HD 7850, with more performance of course. Both the HD 7850 and R9 270/270X are based on the same Pitcairn silicon, although we've seen the name "Curacao" thrown around by unofficial sources. AMD never confirmed the name change nor do they claim the GPU to be different, or come with different GPU specifications. The R9 270 does not support AMD TrueAudio technology.

On our testbench today, we have the ASUS R9 270 Direct CU II OC which uses the company's signature DC II cooler to provide better noise levels and temperatures. The card is also overclocked out of the box, to 975 MHz, which is a 50 MHz overclock; the reference AMD Radeon R9 270 Non-X uses a 925 MHz clock. Memory isn't overclocked at all and remains at the default of 1400 MHz.

The ASUS R9 270 Direct CU II OC costs $185, which is a tiny $5 increase over the reference design cost.

AMD did not send us a reference design R9 270 for review, so we have no baseline for a comparison of performance, power draw, temperature, and heat. The numbers shouldn't be much different to those of the R9 270X, though.

Radeon R9 270 Market Segment Analysis
HD 7850
R7 260X
GTX 650
Ti Boost
GTX 660
ASUSR9 270
HD 7870
GTX 580
R9 270X
GTX 660 Ti
GTX 760
HD 7950
Shader Units1024896768960128012805121280134411521792
Graphics ProcessorPitcairnBonaireGK106GK106PitcairnPitcairnGF110PitcairnGK104GK104Tahiti
Memory Size2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB1536 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB3072 MB
Memory Bus Width256 bit128 bit192 bit192 bit256 bit256 bit384 bit256 bit192 bit256 bit384 bit
Core Clock860 MHz1100 MHz980 MHz+980 MHz+925 MHz1000 MHz772 MHz1050 MHz915 MHz+980 MHz+800 MHz
Memory Clock1200 MHz1625 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1400 MHz1200 MHz1002 MHz1400 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz
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