ASUS Radeon R9 Fury STRIX 4 GB Review 141

ASUS Radeon R9 Fury STRIX 4 GB Review

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The Card

ASUS designed a new DirectCU thermal solution that was introduced with their R9 390X and GTX 980 Ti. The cooler is made from high-quality plastic that feels almost like metal, some surfaces have metal appliances on them. Combined with the matte paint this looks awesome. You find a metal backplate on the back of the card. Dimensions of the card are 30.0 cm x 15.0 cm.

Installation requires two slots in your system.

To get an idea of just how huge the ASUS STRIX is, I've placed it next to a GeForce GTX Titan X, which is not small by any means.

Display connectivity options include one DVI port, which has no analog VGA signal, one HDMI port, and three DisplayPorts.

The GPU also includes an HDMI sound device. It is HDMI 1.4a compatible, which includes HD audio and Blu-ray 3D movies support.

A physical CrossFire connector is not present as all Fiji-based GPUs send their CrossFire data via the PCI-Express bus.

Pictured above are the front and back, showing the disassembled board. High-res versions are also available (front, back).
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