ASUS ROG Chakram Review - What an Impressive Feature Set 7

ASUS ROG Chakram Review - What an Impressive Feature Set

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Packaging, Weight, Cable and Feet


The Chakram comes in a large and premium-looking box that is just packed with content. Alongside the mouse one finds the USB dongle, a cable for wired usage, USB wireless extender, travel pouch, thick user manual, sticker, and an accessory box.

The accessory box holds two (Japanese) Omron D2F-D1F switches, which can be used instead of the main button switches installed by default, a cover for the joystick, a different stick for the joystick, and a pair of tweezers for easier switch removal. The USB dongle is stored beneath the removable back cover. The logo plate can be replaced if so desired.


My scale shows around 126 g (+/- 1 g), which is slightly more than what ASUS indicates (122 g). While 126 g isn't particularly light, the feature set of the Chakram has to be taken into consideration as well. A joystick and hot-swappable switches, along with wireless functionality all add up. For comparison, the Logitech G502 Wireless weighs 114 g, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 133 g, and the Logitech G604 137 g (with the included AA-battery).


After plugging in the included cable, the Chakram can be used as you would a wired mouse. Due to the lack of a cable anchor, it may come loose during play, however. The cable can only be described as stiff. It is 1.80 m long (measured) and has two gold-plated USB connectors (Type-A and Type-C).


The feet on the Chakram are standard black-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet. They glide very well and are of above average thickness. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stays consistent upon applying vertical pressure.
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