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ASUS ROG Strix Carry Review

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Even though the ROG Strix Carry is a very small mouse, its packaging is of regular size, which is mainly because it comes with quite a lot of extras. For starters, we get the mouse itself inside a very handy, padded travel pouch. There are also 2 AA batteries, a set of tweezers, two extra main switches, and a 3D ROG sticker. Even though a rich set of extras, a set of replacement mouse feet is missing, which is a pity.


The comparisons below illustrate how small this mouse really is because that factor really isn't conveyed properly with regular photos. Shape-wise, the mouse looks very similar to the Gladius series, so it's a right-handed model (side buttons on the left side only) with medium-deep grooves on each side to make it easier to pick up. Both main buttons feature some comfort grooves, too.

Even though the mouse is short and has a low profile, it is still of average width, so gripping it isn't as hard as one might think. After some fiddling, I was able to get my claw grip on it somewhat comfortably. Still, it's pretty obvious that the Carry is built for a fingertip grip for users with averagely sized hands, and a properly comfortable claw grip would require small hands. However, I would say that a proper gaming mouse of such proportions had to be made. Taking a look around the market, small, wireless "laptop-oriented" mice are pretty much horrible for gaming if you check their specifications.

The mouse is about 101 mm (3.98") long, which basically means it's very short. Its total width is 62 mm (2.44"), but the width at which it is gripped is more like 48 mm (1.89"). The total height is 36 mm (1.42"), and the hump is relatively centered.

Here are a few extra pictures of the mouse:


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

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