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Asus ROG Strix Magnus Review

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The Package

The box the ROG Strix Magnus comes in is compact, extremely sturdy, and beautiful. By glancing at its front, you'll quickly get a sense that the microphone looks like it came straight out of the Transformers - and it really does.

The rear of the box goes over the microphone's main features - everything I've outlined in the introduction - and also explains the function of every single button, dial, and port located on its body.

The unboxing experience is really nice as well. First, you'll be greeted by a beautifully printed manual, translated into over 40 languages, which once again explains all of the features and functions of the microphone.

After you remove the manual, you'll see a sturdy, visually appealing, hard-shell carrying case that contains everything you need to get going - the ROG Strix Magnus microphone and a thick, braided USB 3.0 cable you'll use to connect it to your PC. If you intend to move the microphone between several PCs, you'll utilize the supplied carrying case for that, in order to get the microphone to its destination without any dents and scratches. The cable struck me as fairly short at first, and it later turned out that my initial impression was right - it's only 1.5 meters long, and there was practically no way for me to move the microphone around freely on my table until I purchased a simple USB 3.0 extension cable. More on that later.

Here's everything you get in the box - the manual, warranty card, hard-shell carrying case, ROG Strix Magnus microphone, and the cable and adapter for standard microphone mounts.
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