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Asustor AS-606T NAS Review

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We would like to thank Asustor for supplying the review sample.

As the name implies, Asustor is a subsidiary of the famous ASUS focusing on Network Attached Storage (NAS) and video surveillance products. ASUS apparently realized that there is much potential in these products as connection speeds with the World Wide Web constantly increase, allowing everyone to create their own cloud storage to upload large amounts of data effortlessly. So far, only a few companies had a strong presence in this area, and they shared all the profit, but things will definitely change with the introduction of huge companies like Asus and Gigabyte (with their new GR-EZI04H NAS) into the market, which will ultimately benefit the end-user. It is, nevertheless, not easy to compete against companies like QNAP and Synology since they have huge amounts of experience in this field. That said, the time needed to offer good and competitive products can be reduced greatly if the necessary resources are available, and a company like ASUS has a lot of resources.

Asustor was founded rather recently in 2011, and their current line of products only consists of the AS 6 series that includes four members with high-end specifications. In this review, we will fully evaluate their AS-606T model: it is designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), or for enthusiast home users that want huge amounts of storage at their fingertips, which is not a problem with this NAS since it can take up to six disks. The AS-606T offers, in a glimpse, cross-platform sharing, is equipped with USB 3.0 and SATA III ports, supports Windows Active Directory, and uses military grade AES 256-bit encryption for individually shared folder protection. It also supports RAID 0 – 10 levels and is powered by an Intel Atom 2.13 GHz Dual-Core processor, which is more than enough for the needs of a NAS server. Since we do not want to reveal everything about this NAS in the prologue, it is time to skip to the next page for a better look at its specifications.

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