ATI Tech Day Seville: Breaking the world record Review 13

ATI Tech Day Seville: Breaking the world record Review

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ATI had invited a bunch of european journalists to their RD580 Press Event to Seville, Spain. Here are my personal city photos if anybody cares. Since this was the first time for me being with ATI I was really looking forward to having a good time.

On the first day when all the press were arriving we had a couple of welcome drinks and then went to check out the goodies ATI brought for benching their new chipset.

On site were the finnish overclocker legends Macci and Sampsa and ATI wanted them to play with RD580.

The right tools were there. ATI had ordered a huge amount of dry ice that came in a nice box with wheels on it so it could be hidden from the hotel staff who may be worried about the experiments being conducted in their nice hotel.

Usually dry ice comes in big blocks and it's quite a pain to break it into smaller parts without getting "burns" on your hands. Burns because the -79°C dry ice freezing your hands actually feels like you are burning your skin. Luckily ATI's dry ice came in small crushed pieces, almost like you have them in a Slush Puppie.
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