Audioengine A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers Review 9

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers Review

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The Package

Audioengine ships the A2+ Wireless in a small but well-padded box. Considering the build quality of the speakers, I would not worry too much.

Inside the padding, the speakers and accessories are kept organized in small pouches which also protect the gear from scratches.

The bundle gets you going quickly. There is a cable you need to be able to connect the active left speaker to the passive right one. Cable quality is pretty good, but since the speakers accept both bare cable screws and banana plugs, it would be nice if the cable came with the banana jack installed for ease of assembly.

Closer Examination

From the front, these small speakers look super clean, perhaps especially in black, which has the drivers blend in well. Both the left and right speaker look exactly alike from the front, which is really neat from an aesthetics point of view.

You find all the interesting bits on the left speaker. Audioengine active speakers feature a master speaker with all the electronics inside, which means you have to run a cable from the left to the right, and it does limit you a little in terms of how you can place the speakers. Sometimes, it is most convenient to have one active and another a slave, especially when there is only a short distance between them, like for a desktop setup. For a living-room setup, I prefer having two active units with A/C power to each and a wireless connection between the two. The Audioengine approach is probably the most cost-efficient and easiest to manage for PC audio purposes.

Notice that the volume control, which also doubles up as the on/off switch, is on the back. This can be a little annoying, and there is no remote included. For PC use via USB-in or Bluetooth, this is only a minor annoyance.

For something that has to live on a sometimes cluttered desk, the A2+ Wireless size and design is spot on.

The front is super simple. The soft dome tweeter and Kevlar membrane woofer look great, and the front firing port is barely noticeable since it is placed at the bottom. There are no speaker grills for the A2+ Wireless speakers.

The DS1 stands raise the speakers slightly off the table and angle them upward by just enough to put your ears into that sweet spot with a normal-sized computer desk.
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