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AXP / Xion SuperNova 600W Review

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The Xion SuperNova uses a dark color theme which has a light gloss to it. It is not polished so it does not take on fingerprints as much as offerings from other manufacturers. Near the back you can see a large honeycomb stamped grill which allows ample of airflow.

A special feature of this power supply is that the modular cables are attached in a different way than on most PSUs. A circular connector is screwed in to the PSU improving contact strength a lot. It also looks very nice, the blue plastic ring is illuminated when the PSU is running for additional effect. If you look closely you can see that there are several different pinouts which ensures that you do not hook up the cables the wrong way. It should also be noted that several important cables which will always be used are fixed to the PSU housing.

The fan is of the 140mm variant and uses a blue transparent material which is lighted by several LEDs when the PSU is running.

The motherboard connector consists of a 20 pin part and another part for the additional 4 pins. Both parts can not be clipped together but there's a small nose on the 4 pin plug to help you align it.

The 8-Pin power connector is split to fit motherboards which use only four pins for their CPU power supply. To insert the connectors into an 8-pin motherboard you need to manually press the blue connectors together.

Here you can see one of the modular cables. They seem to be very sturdy and of high-quality, reminding me of Hi-Fi cables. The metal ring you see on the second picture will be screwed tightly to the threading on the PSU back.
AXP also includes little blue caps to protect ports from dust and dirt when they are not in use. However, it should also be mentioned that installation of the cables is more complex than the usual plug-in system. You need to find the right rotation angle, insert the connectors and screw down the locking nut.
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