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AZIO MK Retro Keyboard Review

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AZIO Corp, or AZIO as shall be referred to henceforth for convenience, is a relatively new company to the PC DIY industry, with a USA-based presence and the name itself having a neat little story - AZIO stands for A-to-Z, Input and Output and, thus, the capitalized abbreviation that makes up the brand's name. As such, I expected AZIO to sell I/O devices, including keyboards, mice, and perhaps audio devices, and a look at their product list shows exactly that. Today, we take a look at their MK Retro mechanical keyboard, and thanks again to AZIO for providing the sample(s) for review.

The MK Retro is a nod to the humble typewriter. I will have to give credit to Datamancer for making the typewriter-style keycaps popular, but with the keycap set alone costing over $100, there was an opening in the market for AZIO to move into by introducing a whole keyboard at a more affordable price. The MK Retro comes in two color options as of the date of this article - black and silver and white and gold. This review will be for the latter, although I do have one of the former as well to show off in due course. So let us begin with a look at the specifications below.


Layout:104 keys
Material:ABS plastic top and bottom panels, steel plate
Macro Support:No
Weight:1.04 kg / 2.30 lbs.
Wrist Rest:Yes
Anti-Ghosting:Six-Key rollover
Media Keys:Available as a secondary function
Dimensions:147 (L) x 455 (W) x 40 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft / 1.8 m
Switch Type:O ARMY tactile and clicky mechanical switch
Warranty:2 years
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