Ballistix Sport AT Gaming DDR4-3000 CL17 4x8GB (TUF Edition) Review 13

Ballistix Sport AT Gaming DDR4-3000 CL17 4x8GB (TUF Edition) Review

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We're back looking at TUF Gaming Alliance memory, this time with a solution from Ballistix. The Ballistix Sport AT Gaming DDR4 (TUF Edition) is a set of DDR4 memory specifically designed for ASUS TUF motherboards on all platforms, but this kit has a slight twist to it. With an XMP-rated speed of 3000 MHz, this non-standard kit not only adds in additional memory performance, it also pushes up the clocks of your CPU thanks to a small boost to the BCLK on Intel systems. This is due to current platforms not natively supporting the 3000 MHz divider, thus leading to a slight increase in that BCLK speed with the 2933 MHz divider to get that 3000 MHz. That results in a boost to 102.3 MHz, and for locked Intel CPUs perhaps a 100 MHz boost to your clock speed by changing just one option in the BIOS!

With the Ballistix Sport Gaming DDR4 being specifically tuned for ASUS TUF motherboards, you are guaranteed compatibility between the two and get a patterned heatspreader design that matches the ASUS TUF motherboard look; a perfect match for ASUS TUF motherboards, these sticks also have no LEDs!

Ballistix doesn't always give us the utmost in memory performance products, but they do give us some damn nice memory with an awesome warranty and a unique RMA service a lot of companies would do well to model their own customer service after. The long-standing reliability and reputation see their products hit big-box stores like Best Buy and Walmart, so you know they have the ability to supply a huge demand and aren't some small parts maker with limited reach; Ballistix really takes it global, and that in a big part because they are the only brand that actually makes memory chips, not just assembled sticks. That means from the moment that memory is first birthed from silicon to the time it's actually quality tested as an assembled stick, it's all within their control, so what you can expect from Ballistix really is different than from everyone else. So, do these Sport AT sticks live up to that reputation? Let's take a look!


Speed Rating:DDR4-3000
Rated Timings:17-19-19-38
Tested Capacity:32 GB (8 GB x4)
Tested Voltage:1.35 V
PCB Type:10 layer
Error Checking:Non-ECC
Form Factor:288-pin DIMM
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
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