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be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. 2 Review

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I would like to thank be quiet! for supplying the review sample.

be quiet! really impressed us with the original Dark Base Pro 900 as it did not only offer excellent engineering and quality, but proved immensely versatile and modular in the process. The rev. 2 being reviewed here is essentially the exact same case with a few notable tweaks and added features. So, I will skip the page where we take it apart, flip it and reverse it as that experience has not change at all. If you want to dive into this, I suggest reading the original review here.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2
Case Type:Full-tower
Material:Steel & plastic
Weight:14.39 kg
Drive Bays:2x External 5.25"
5x Internal 3.5"(may be used for 2x 2.5" each)
2x Internal 2.5"
Form Factors:
Dimensions:577 x 243 x 585 mm
Front Door/Cover:Sound-dampened door
Front Fans:120/140 mm x 2 (2x be quiet! SilentWings 3 140 mm PWM / 1,600 rpm pre-installed)
Rear Fans:120/140 mm x 1 (1x be quiet! SilentWings 3 |140 mm PWM / 1,600 rpm pre-installed)
Top Fans:140 mm x 2 / 120 mm x 4 / 180 mm x 1
Bottom Fans:120/140 mm fan x 2
Side Fans:N/A
I/O:2x USB 3.0
1x USB 3.1 Type-C
1x USB 2.0
1x Headphone
1x Microphone
1x Qi Charger
FAN/LED Controller:RGB & fan PCB with fan controller
Compatibility:GPU: 323/472 mm with/without HDD cage
CPU: 185 mm
PSU: 284/150 mm without/with bottom fan installed
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