be quiet! Dark Power 12 850 W Review - Titanium Silence 27

be quiet! Dark Power 12 850 W Review - Titanium Silence

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The box is quite large and heavy. At its face is a photo of the PSU with the modular panel exposed. Unfortunately, around the back, not much information is available. If you want more information about the product, scan the QR code.

Protection inside the box is good since the PSU is surrounded by packing foam. Additionally, the bundle is rich, including several Velcro straps and zip ties.

External build quality is topnotch. The PSU might not have the brushed aluminium finish of the Dark Power Pro 12 models, but the finish is still nice.

The power specifications label entirely covers one of the PSU's sides.

The modular panel has 14 sockets, the smallest one of which is for the overclocking key.

The fan grill is a bit restrictive.

Cables and Connectors

Modular Cables
DescriptionCable CountConnector Count (Total)GaugeIn-Cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (600 mm)1118-22AWGNo
8 pin EPS12V (700 mm)1116AWGNo
4+4 pin EPS12V (700 mm)1116AWGNo
2x (6+2) pin PCIe (600 mm)3616-18AWGNo
SATA (600 mm+150 mm+150 mm+150 mm)1418AWGNo
SATA (600 mm+150 mm+150 mm)2618AWGNo
SATA (600 mm+150 mm) / 4-pin Molex (+150 mm+150 mm) / FDD (+150 mm)12 / 2 / 118-20AWGNo
4-pin Molex (600 mm+150 mm+150 mm)1118AWGNo
Overclocking jumper (620 mm)1124AWGNo
AC Power Cord (1370 mm) - C13 coupler1118AWG-

All cables are long, fully sleeved, and black. There are two EPS and six PCIe connectors in total. Good about the latter is that they are on separate cables, so voltage drops won't be as high as with cables with two PCIe connectors.

At 150 mm, the distance between peripheral connectors is adequate.
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