Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550 W Review 8

Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550 W Review

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The box is really huge and initially, before we take a close look at it, we expected to find a 1000-1200W unit inside it. Apparently the PSU is accompanied by a rich bundle so a large packaging was essential. Also as we saw on the previous page, the length of the unit is equal with the corresponding of the larger ones, so it needs the same space. The face of the box looks rather empty since the dark background prevails and only several badges along with an angled shot of the PSU break the black monotony.

On the sides of the box we find various information like the benefits from using Gold efficiency PSUs instead of lower efficiency ones and the various award badges that the PSU earned from review sites. So far Techpowerup isn't listed among them.

The rear side of the box includes more detailed information about the PSU. More specific an illustration shows all available cables/connectors along with their respective lengths. Also there is a scheme showing the unit's dimensions and finally a brief features description in three languages: English, German and French.


The unit is well protected inside the large packaging. As you can see the contents are neatly arranged and a smaller box stores all modular cables which look too many for the capacity of the PSU.

This small bracket houses the overclocking switch through which the user can toggle between single rail and multi +12V rail operation. If he doesn't want to install this bracket he can just short the corresponding pins with the provided jumper.


The unit screams of quality, that's for sure. The eye catchy side decal features a great shiny finish which however is finger magnet. On the front side we find the classic honeycomb design exhaust grill along with the AC receptacle and the On/Off switch. On the rear side resides the modular panel which includes many sockets. The white OCK socket is for the overclocking switch or jumper. There is only one native cable and this is the main ATX one. The grommet around the cable exit hole is really nice and adds quality points. The parallel grills of the fan use the unique design that Be Quiet employs on their units and the fan itself features special design blades and in general its high quality can be easily seen.

Since Be Quiet is commited to providing the quietest possible products they equipped the PSU with rubber edges to absorb possible vibrations, so you won't have to worry if your case has rubber pads in the PSU compartment.
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