Be Quiet! Pure Power CM L8 730 W Review 3

Be Quiet! Pure Power CM L8 730 W Review

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We would like to thank Be Quiet for supplying the review sample.

A while ago we reviewed a low capacity PSU from Be Quiet, the Straight Power E8 400W and we were left quite satisfied by its performance and especially by the excellent price/performance ratio it exhibited. Now Be Quiet decided to send us one of their mid-range units, the Pure Power CM L8 730W (or L8-730W). This PSU belongs to the Pure Power family which lists four members with capacities ranging from 430W to 730W. All are 80 PLUS Bronze certified, feature a semi-modular cabling design, are equipped with all available protections that contemporary PSU platforms support and the most interesting part on them is their fan. It utilizes Be Quiet’s SilentWings technology so even at full speed it produces low noise output thanks to its specially designed fan blades.

Unfortunately Be Quiet does not currently have a retail presence in the U.S. so you will find their products mainly in EU stores. That’s a shame because the L8-730W is available at a fair price (at least for EU standards) and if it manages to boast good performance during our extremely tough tests, then it could be an ideal choice for tight budget users that want a modular and quiet PSU to power a mid-range system.

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