be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Review - Silent with Good Performance 9

be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Review - Silent with Good Performance

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Be quiet! continues their use of compact boxes with the Pure Rock 2. Much like the majority of the company's coolers, the box is entirely black with the front featuring a hard-to-see image of the cooler. The left side has a QR code for quick access to product information, and the back details the four heat pipes and 120 mm Pure Wings 2 fan.

Turning to look at the right side of the box, we find a specifications table detailing most of the information buyers will find pertinent. This includes the cooler's weight, dimensions, fan RPM, and supported sockets. Just like on the Shadow Rock 3, the CFM rating of the fan is missing. While the CFM rating isn't really that important, not seeing it listed is still odd. Other than that, the cooler's 150 W TDP is listed here as well. Finally, the top of the box just mentions the product name, TDP, and silver or black color designation of the cooler.


The packaging is mostly cardboard, but be quiet! did slip some foam in to protect the heatsink and fan, which is always nice to see. The mounting hardware is kept secure in a smaller box, while a flap on the top helps secure everything in smaller, separate compartments.

The mounting hardware is the same as with previous be quiet! coolers from this generation and should pose no real problems. It supports the majority of today's modern sockets, and while the smaller parts can be a bit of a pain, they do serve a proper purpose. I wish the crossbar or mounting bridge that secures the cooler to the socket were secured to the heatsink rather than free-floating, but that is a minor complaint I have with most of their coolers. At least it won't be as much of a challenge to work with here because of the cooler's smaller size.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 4x Intel backplate screws
  • 4x AMD backplate screws
  • 4x Rubber O-rings
  • 4x AMD washers
  • 4x Mounting bracket screws
  • 4x AMD spacers
  • 4x Intel 115x/1366 spacers
  • 4x Intel spacers
  • 4x Thumbscrews
  • 4x Fan clips
  • 2x AMD mounting arms
  • 2x Intel mounting arms
  • 2x Mounting bridge screws
  • 1x 120 mm x 25 mm fan
  • 1x Intel backplate
  • 1x Cooler mounting bridge
  • 1x Tube of thermal paste
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