BitFenix Whisper Series 850 W Review 5

BitFenix Whisper Series 850 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Bitfenix Whisper 850 has an MSRP of $119.
  • Very good performance-per-dollar ratio
  • Delivered its full load at 46°C
  • All protections are present
  • Ripple suppression
  • Transient response performance
  • Load regulation (especially at 5VSB)
  • Efficient
  • Silent
  • Accurate power ok signal
  • Low conducted EMI noise
  • HDB fan (with a rather low lifetime for such a fan, though)
  • Number of connectors
  • 7-year warranty
  • Lower than 17 ms hold-up time
  • The fan can be noisy under tough conditions
  • The ATX cable's connector for the PSU is hard to use
  • 5VSB efficiency could be higher
Bitfenix makes a strong comeback into the PSU market with the Whisper series. This time, they chose a well-performing CWT platform with a high performance-per-dollar ratio, which is very important to most users looking for a new PSU. With an MSRP of $120, the BWG850M has the Corsair RM850x to contend with, and it is without a doubt a formidable opponent. Both units are made by the same OEM, but are based on different platforms. The RMx series uses a custom-made platform CWT made exclusively for Corsair, and Bitfenix's Whisper series utilizes a newer platform with some exclusive modifications. Both platforms perform incredibly well. However, Corsair's unit has a small performance lead while the BWG850M supposedly uses a higher quality fan. It, however, is slightly noisier when the going gets tough, and its lifetime doesn't seem to be any better than that of the riffle-bearing fan Corsair uses in their RMx models. The fresh EVGA 850 G3 is more expensive than either of those units, which leaves it out of the equation.

The BWG850M has many positives. These include a tight enough load regulation, excellent ripple suppression, good response with transient loads, low EMI output, and a full set of protections, along with a silent operation under normal operating conditions. Some of you might miss an option for a semi-passive operation, but it would in my opinion offer very little to no benefit since the fan is very quiet at light and moderate loads. Personally, I would like to see a longer hold-up time, which would in turn allow for a power ok signal of over 16 ms. I appreciate the fact that the power ok signal is accurate, which isn't always the case with even branded PSUs. I can tolerate a lower-than-required hold-up time, but cannot stand a fake power ok signal which I would actually go so far as to interpret as an insult to potential buyers and owners since it is misleading. The BWG850M thankfully didn't go down that path.

Bitfenix did an excellent job this time around, and the Whisper series looks to be a key component in establishing Bitfenix as a good name in the rather demanding PSU market, which the previous Fury Gold line failed to do. I believe we will see more PSUs from Bitfenix if the Whisper units sell well, which should be the case since their performance-per-dollar ratio is pretty awesome, and it is always good to have more competition in the field. The strongest member of the Whisper family definitely deserves our Highly Recommended award, and if its street price goes below $110, it will be able to meet even the toughest of its opponents eye to eye.
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