Bitspower Leviathan XF 360 Radiator Review 2

Bitspower Leviathan XF 360 Radiator Review

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Bitspower is a mainstay, and has been one in the PC DIY watercooling market for many years now. With a reputation for having arguably the best quality fittings, they seem to have come out with a new fitting type or color every time I check their website. The company has a complete product lineup of water blocks, fans, pumps, and reservoirs alike. Radiators, on the other hand, are not something a company can produce in-house. I can count on the fingers of a hand the number of factories everyone uses, nearly all of which happen to be in China. The exceptions are either in Germany, or the Philippines where Hardware Labs is located. Bitspower, to their credit, has gone with the Manila-based radiator maker extraordinaire, which already makes their radiators different from nearly any other on the market. Thanks again to Bitspower for sending a review sample to TechPowerUp!

This review is of the Bitspower Leviathan XF series, and the 360 mm version in particular. It uses the Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis LX (OEM product) as a base and has changes made to suit what Bitspower thinks is attractive to their customer base. This article is meant to be read alongside our accompanying Leviathan SF 360 review, which is a slimmer radiator built upon the Black Ice Nemesis LS. The two share a lot of DNA, but are intended for different use cases. The Leviathan XF is ~54 mm thick, which falls into the 45–60 mm radiator thickness class and needs cases designed with custom watercooling in mind. The "X" in "XF" stands for Xtreme because why not, and it has four ports for more plumbing options. As always, we begin the review with a look at the specifications below.


Bitspower Leviathan XF 360 Radiator
Color:Black (standard)
Material:Copper and brass
Radiator size:3x120 mm
Dimensions:398 (L) x 125 (W) x 53.6 (H) mm
Fan compatibility:Square frame 120 mm
Fin type:25 µm copper with paint coat, 16 FPI splitter type fins
Ports:4, BSP G1/4" threaded
Screw type:M4 threading
Warranty:One year
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