BLUETTI AC200P 2000 Wh Portable Power Station/UPS Review 13

BLUETTI AC200P 2000 Wh Portable Power Station/UPS Review

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Remember this news post from a couple of months ago? I thought the whole idea of a massive 5100 Wh UPS on wheels was hilarious and cool simultaneously, and clearly many of you agreed. It got enough attention to where the manufacturer, BLUETTI, based out of California, contacted us to see if we would be interested in doing a review of one of its products. That 5100 Wh unit was still making its way through the Kickstarter timeline, so I got my hands on a smaller unit for a few weeks of testing. BLUETTI is barely two years old, but has already made waves in the field of portable power stations, offering both DC and AC power in/out and solar panel support. The AC200 was its flagship for quite a while. Thanks to the company for arranging a unit for TechPowerUp for a sufficiently long time!

Would you believe that there have already been two UPS reviews here? The last one was over 13 years ago, and things have changed massively since in more ways than one. Look at that absolute chonker of a unit in the photo, and now imagine my own plight in dealing with it without any help. BLUETTI was also kind enough to send a set of solar panels for it, which worked out well since they arrived just as summer was kicking off in the UK and there was actual uninterrupted sunlight for 15+ hours daily. This article also came about because I was interested in learning more about LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which are quickly becoming affordable enough to allow such units to exist. Grab a drink and settle in as we begin our coverage with a look at the product specifications in the table below.


BLUETTI AC200P 2000 Wh Power Station (US version)
Input Options:AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead acid battery
AC Adapter (included):500 W
Car Charger (included):12 V/24 V
Solar Panel (not included):35–150 V, max.700 W, max. 12 A
Generator:Gasoline, propane or diesel
Lead Acid Battery:Max 8.2 A
Output Ports:6*AC 110V AC outlet (pure sine-wave); 1*DC 12 V/25 A; 1*DC 12 V/10 A; 2* DC 12 V/3 A; 4*5 V/3 A USB-A; 1*PD 60 W USB-C with quick charge (5 V/3 A, 9 V/3 A, 12 V/3 A,15 V/3 A, 20 V/3 A); 2*wireless charging (single output max 15 W)
Battery Type:LiFePO4 battery cell
Pack Capacity:2000 Wh/2000 W
Lifecycles:80% capacity after 3500+ cycles
Management System:'MPPT' charge controller, low battery protection
Surge Power:4800 W
Noise:Smart fan at 0 dB under low load, <45 dB for load <1500 W, <54 dB for load >1500 W
Case Material:Polycarbonate + ABS 94V0 flame-retardant exterior and aluminium reinforced thermoplastic handles
Dimensions:42 (L) x 28 (W) x 37 (H) cm
Weight:27.5 Kg / 60.6 lbs
Warranty:Two years
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