Building a Keyboard 6: MOMOKA Switches/Keycaps + Epomaker Skyloong GK87 Kit 10

Building a Keyboard 6: MOMOKA Switches/Keycaps + Epomaker Skyloong GK87 Kit

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Providing kits—different ones every single time at that—Epomaker has been a strong supporter of my building a keyboard series. This is again the case today, although the star of the show has to be the Japanese brand MOMOKA. This is another of those niche brands you may never have heard about unless you are deep in the mechanical keyboard community, yet I have received quite a few requests to cover their switches to where this was going to happen sooner than later. MOMOKA reciprocated my interest, and here we are with a new build using a Skyloong GK87 kit, two sets of MOMOKA switches, and two sets of MOMOKA keycaps. Thanks to both companies for providing all the samples that went into making this happen.

The Skyloong GK87, also marketed as the Epomaker GK87, or Epomaker Skyloong GK87, is a wired-only tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard kit, although there is the GK87S offering with hybrid wired/wireless connectivity options. Seen above are the other four components used here, all from MOMOKA, installed partly on the GK87. These come in the form of the MOMOKA Frog and Flamingo switches, both highly requested linear mechanical switches colored to match the name, as well as the Forest of Elves keycaps on the left and Matsuri keycaps on the right. Expect to see more Japanese Hiragana on the keycaps thus, and we will cover all these components in more detail as part of this article which aims to introduce you to more DIY keyboard components.
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