Building a Keyboard 7: Kailh Master Switches, GK108 kit, Silicone + PBT Keycaps 17

Building a Keyboard 7: Kailh Master Switches, GK108 kit, Silicone + PBT Keycaps

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The previous keyboard build featuring MOMOKA had all the components arrive after this build series was already in the works. Kailh had gotten in touch a few months ago when the Canary switches had just been released, and I had planned to do a single switch build at the time, but then a few unexpected things came up, which led to where we are months later, and it suddenly became a full-fledged exploration series including Kailh's new Master Series of switches. Buckle up, this one is a doozy of a build that hit a snafu midway folks may want to be aware of.

This might take the cake for the most individual pieces used in a keyboard build article ever. From left to right, Kailh has five switches represented above—Red Bean Pudding, Fried Egg, Canary, Polla, and White Owl. If these names sound remotely intriguing, you should definitely check them out. The four switches aside from the Canary are what comprise Kailh's Master Series, and I had decided these need a full-size kit. Enter Epomaker with the GK108 kit and—in my innocence at the time—the new Epomaker Skyloong silicone keycap set. These had been provided as a smaller version for Kickstarter backers of the impressive AK84S keyboard, and I was all the more curious about how a full set would fare on a standard-sized kit. But you may have seen Akko's logo above, and there's good reason for it, as you will find out over the course of these hopefully entertaining/educational keyboard builds. Thanks to Kailh, Epomaker, and, inadvertently, Akko for helping make this happen!
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