Building a Keyboard: Epomaker GK68XS, Akko Keycaps, Gateron Switches 13

Building a Keyboard: Epomaker GK68XS, Akko Keycaps, Gateron Switches

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Epomaker GK68XS: Packaging

As with the Epomaker GK96LS, we see the collaboration with Skyloong for the GK68XS here. The packaging has the Skyloong logo on the front, and there are side and center flaps to keep the contents inside in place during transit. Opening the box, we see a pretty neat fabric carry case instead for the actual case components. Underneath it is a brochure of Skyloong/Epomaker products.

A cardboard compartment at the top houses the accessories that come with the GK68XS, and we see a smaller cardboard box that has a plastic ring-style keycap puller as well as a metal switch puller. I would have liked a metal wire-style keycap puller instead, especially on an enthusiast product such as this one, if only to minimize the odds of scratching the keycap sides when used. A plastic pouch contains a split guide plate for the space bar key that allows for three switches instead of a single long key on the PCB, as we saw before with the Epomaker GK96LS. Kinesis also did put it to good use on their new TKO keyboard. This one has stabilizers on two longer key locations, and a third 1u key spacing on the right. The included keyboard cable in a silver braid is quite nice and goes from a male USB Type-A connector on one end to a male USB Type-C connector on the other, both of which are gold-plated to add some oxidation resistance.

The GK6G8XS case comes inside a soft fabric carry case with a cover that goes under a rubber latch for safekeeping. Unfurling it, we see the case inside a plastic wrap with more Alcantara-like fabric inside. It definitely makes for a premium unboxing experience while retaining a classy look.

Epomaker includes a pamphlet inside the plastic wrap that goes over the safest way to insert the switches and how to replace the stock space bar placement with the split space bar module we saw before.
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