Cebit 2005 - Day 4 Review 8

Cebit 2005 - Day 4 Review

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Welcome to our Cebit Report Day 4 with news from AOpen, Foxconn, S3 and Soltek. Also in this report you will find all R520 and ATI's SLI info we could get.

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Running on Intel'S i915GM mobile chipset the i915GMm-HFS boasts with these features:
  • Socket 479 for Intel Pentium M
  • 400 / 533 MHz FSB
  • Support for DDR 300 / Dual Channel DDR2 533, up to 2GB
  • 1x PCI-E x16, 1x PCI-E x1, 2x PCI
  • Integrated Intel Video Card
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • 7.1 Channel Audio

The AOpen i915Pa-PLF is based on Intel's 915P chipset:
  • Pentium 4 LGA 775 Socket
  • 800 MHz FSB
  • Dual Channel DDR 400 Support
  • 1x PCI-E x16, 2x PCI-E x1, 3x PCI
  • Integrated Intel Video Card
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 4x SATA RAID
  • 7.1 Channel Audio
This board also offers AOpen's Power Master feature.
Power Master dynamically changes the CPU frontside bus based on the CPU's current draw (Amperes). When the CPU is idle, the FSB is reduced down to 100 MHz or less. When current is now increasing, the Power Master circuitry pumps the FSB back up in a fraction of a second - no lags are noticeable.
In very high-load situations the CPU FSB can be overclocked above 800 MHz as well.
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