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Chieftec Polaris 1050 W Review

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The box is the same as for the 850 W and 1050 W models, and at its face is a photo of the PSU with its modular panel exposed, as well as two small badges for the Gold efficiency and fully modular cable design. The power specifications and connector count information are on the back of the box.

Protection inside the box is good, and it is always nice to find a pouch for the modular cables. Besides the necessary cables, the bundle includes the user's manual and fixing bolts. Zip ties or Velcro straps have not been included.

As with most PSUs, there is nothing innovative about the exterior design. However, what matters the most is what is inside.

On the two sides, we find "Polaris" stickers. The power specifications label is on the bottom of the unit.

The modular panel has eleven sockets, two for the 24-pin ATX connector, four for the peripheral cables, two for the EPS, and three for the PCIe cables. The EPS and PCIe sockets are not compatible, so you cannot connect an EPS cable to a PCIe socket or vice versa.

The fan grille does not restrict airflow. While the center badge is quite large, it won't restrict airflow significantly, either.

Cables and Connectors

Modular Cables
DescriptionCable CountConnector Count (Total)GaugeIn-Cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (650 mm)1118AWGNo
4+4 pin EPS12V (660 mm)2216AWGNo
6+2 pin PCIe (600 mm+105 mm)3616-18AWGNo
SATA (560 mm+105 mm+105 mm+105 mm)31218AWGNo
4-pin Molex (550 mm+100 mm+100 mm+100 mm)1418AWGNo
AC Power Cord (1380 mm) - C13 coupler1118AWGNo

The cables are long enough, and the EPS ones use thicker AWG16 gauges for lower voltage drops. The same goes for the PCIe cables up to the first connector. It would have been nice to see dedicated PCIe cables, but you could also just use one connector on each.

There are enough SATA and 4-pin Molex connectors, and there is no Berg connector or adapter, which is rarely used nowadays. I would like to see the peripheral connectors situated further apart, especially the 4-pin Molex ones.
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