CM Storm Sirus-C Gaming Headset Review 2

CM Storm Sirus-C Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

CM Storm's styling has not changed much over the past year. Their headphone design is still easily recognizable and so are the graphics. The box is sturdy and lets you inspect the headset.

Bundle-wise, the Sirus-C is a little special as it features adapters for the most common gaming consoles, which is quite neat.

The Sirus-C comes with many connectivity options, but common to all such headphones is that you need USB power as the in-line amplifier has no by-pass mode. USB sound cards come in many different qualities, and they are usually hard to get right. Why CM Storm chose not to include a full by-pass mode is beyond me as it would allow users with good sound cards to possibly extract even more performance out of the headset.

Closer Examination

Design-wise, CM Storm took the looks of their ordinary Sirus model to apply them to the new Sirus-C. This headset is on the larger side, and the microphone boom is large enough to move into that sweet spot properly.

Comfort is one of the more important parameters when it comes to judging a headset, and CM Storm has done their best to make the Sirus-C as comfortable as possible for even long gaming sessions. The ear and headband pads have the same low-weight, perforated fabric that allows for air to pass through, which helps in keeping your ears cool. While not as efficient as a set of open-back headphones in that regard, these are definitely better than many of the closed headsets with pleather or standard velour pads.

There is plenty of room for adjustment in the headband, so the headset will accommodate most heads nicely, though you might want to try it on for size if you have a small-ish head before making the purchase.

The microphone and microphone boom assembly is well made and allows for plenty of adjustment. The sound quality is good enough to not be the bottleneck in VoIP applications.
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