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Colorful iGame GTX 970 4 GB Review

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The GeForce GTX 970 is the smaller brother to NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 980, of which both are based on the Maxwell architecture using the GM204 graphics processor. The GTX 970, much like its predecessors, the GTX 770 and GTX 670, is destined to be an underrated card decking out lower shelves under the GTX 980's shadow. Steam Hardware survey trends would also agree with our guess that this card will end up selling more between the two in volume to probably even fetch NVIDIA more revenue overall.

The GeForce GTX 970 is carved out of the same 28 nm GM204 silicon the GTX 980 is based on, by disabling three of sixteen streaming multiprocessors with 128 CUDA cores each. The resulting shader count is 1,664. Texture memory units are, proportionately, down to 104, as are clock speeds, although they stay well above the 1 GHz mark. The ROP count stays at a whopping 64, with a 256-bit memory bus width and a standard memory total of 4 GB.

While Colorful might not be a well-known name to many gamers in the West, they are a big player in the Asia-Pacific markets, with their strongest foothold in China where they sell a ton of cards to DIY system builders.

Their iGame GTX 970 is a highly overclocked version of the GTX 970 with a large triple-fan cooler that should provide excellent temperatures.

I couldn't find a USD price for the card, so I assumed its price point to be $350, which is in line with other custom GTX 970 offerings.

GTX 970 Market Segment Analysis
R9 280X
GTX 680
GTX 780
R9 290
GTX 970
GTX 970
R9 290X
HD 7990
GTX Titan
GTX 780 Ti
GTX 980
Shader Units20481536230425601664166428162x 2048268828802048
ROPs323248646464642x 32484864
Graphics ProcessorTahitiGK104GK110HawaiiGM204GM204Hawaii2x TahitiGK110GK110GM204
Transistors4310M3500M7100M6200M5200M5200M6200M2x 4310M7100M7100M5200M
Memory Size3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB4096 MB4096 MB4096 MB4096 MB2x 3072 MB6144 MB3072 MB4096 MB
Memory Bus Width384 bit256 bit384 bit512 bit256 bit256 bit512 bit2x 384 bit384 bit384 bit256 bit
Core Clock1000 MHz1006 MHz+863 MHz+947 MHz1051 MHz+1203 MHz+1000 MHz1000 MHz837 MHz+876 MHz+1126 MHz+
Memory Clock1500 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz1750 MHz1750 MHz1250 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1750 MHz1750 MHz
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