Computex 2007: A-DATA Review 5

Computex 2007: A-DATA Review


A-DATA is showing off a wide range of USB 2.0 memory sticks at this year's Computex. The overall movement to smaller devices is also obvious here. There are two such devices on display; The first is called Nobility PD17 and features a slide out USB connector, while the second device - called Nobility PD19 - utilizes a flip design to store the plug when not being used. Both are available in multiple colors and 1 or 2 GB capacity. Expect a review of the Nobility PD17 here soon.

Another such small device being introduced is the Classic PD18, which has a capacity of 1 or 2 GB as well. The USB plug is the actual memory device, while the blue part is nothing but the casing. The rubber end is used to secure the casing while using the memory device, so that you will not loose it. The Reader + microSD set is aimed at cell phone users. It consists of a microSD card (1 or 2 GB), an incredibly small card reader for the format and a soft, rubber pouch to carry them around in. This set can be considered "jewelry" on your cell phone. In other words, it is small enough to be chained to your phone, so you will always have a microSD card reader at your disposal.

Even with the larger USB flash devices, A-DATA has some new offerings. They have expanded their line-up with a "Sport" series. These are rugged and water proof memory sticks. RB1 (first image, left memory stick) and RB19 (first image, right memory stick) both are available with up to 8 GB while the RB19 is also Vista ReadyBoost compatible. They are also showcasing their entire line-up of themed memory sticks. A-DATA has licensed various Disney themes, like Mickey Mouse, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars. They are offering these in various flash memory based formats. Another very interesting addition to their SD card is the microSD Trio, which incorporates 3 features into one device. You will get a microSD card with an SD card adapter, which also has a USB connector. This set is available in 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB capacity.

A-DATA is also building SDHC memory cards in various capacities up to 8 GB. In case you do not have a compatible card reader, a set containing a 4 GB SDHC card and such reader is also be available. Even the Compact Flash card line-up not only gets a speed bump, but goes industrial as well. You will now be able to get the 120x industrial card with up to 8 GB or choose the 266x card with up to 8 GB as well. Expect a review of the 4 GB 266x Compact Flash card on techPowerUp!.com soon!

Another area, which is becoming more and more popular is the use of the ExpressCard slot for storage purposes. A-DATA is offering such a card in two variations with up to 32 GB. The one pictured also features a miniUSB connector at the outer edge of the card, giving you an additional USB port when the card is being used. Rabby, who devoted a lot of her precious time to show me the newest products, was so kind to pose for a picture with the ExpressCard "Flash Drive Plus USB". There are some SSD devices to be found at the A-DATA booth. These come in SATA or IDE flavor with capacities of up to 128GB.

The company is also offering a full range of DDR2 desktop and notebook products. The interesting aspect here is the fact that the DDR2 Series is now available in speeds of up to 1066 MHz, aimed at normal desktop users as well. There are no heat spreaders on these and it does not carry the "Extreme Edition" theme or brand.

The Extreme Edition, which has been available with speeds of up to 1066 MHz at fast timings, has been expanded to 1200 MHz as well. These 2 GB kits utilize a newly designed heat spreader. Even the slower speeds of 667 MHz and 800 MHz are now available as 4 GB kits aimed at users of 64bit operating systems, and Windows Vista.

As is the case with most memory manufactures, A-DATA is also showing off running systems at overclocked speeds. The first is a DDR2 setup running 1250 MHz at 5-5-5-15 utilizing a water cooling kit. This will be available in retail as well. The second is equipped with DDR3 at 1450 MHz CL9-9-9-27 with the newly designed heat spreaders.

A-DATA is also entering the digital picture frame market. There are three models available, only differing in design and screen format. The above shows the largest one, called D-703, which features a 10.2" 16:9 screen. The D-701 has a 8.0" 4:3 screen and the D-702 utilizes an 8.0" size with a 16:9 display.

The past picture shows the new package of the A-DATA flash memory devices. It has become a bit smaller, while the capacity sticker is much more prominent than before.
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