Computex 2007: Winchip Review 0

Computex 2007: Winchip Review

Winchip is a well known manufacturer in the Asia, with over a decade of experience in OEM work. They are pushing their brand and their retail products to break into the european market. The booth at Computex is open on two sides and very simple, but effective.

There are two demo systems up and running. One features DDR2 at 1250MHz at very nice CL5-5-5-15. The other is based on DDR3 running at 1600MHz with CL8-8-8-15. While the timings are great, the most interesting aspect of these is the fact that both of them run at stock voltage. The parts on display are just very specific samples and are not ready for retail quite yet, as yields at these speeds are not high enough.

They have 6 seperate displays with their products. There are DDR3 memory UDIMMs without any headspreaders and in retail packaging. As you can see, Winchip offers a lifetime warranty and mentiones so on the package. There is a unique holographic sticker on the memory, so you will always know what brand it is even when the memory has been installed in a system.

They also have their headspreader design on display. There are several different colors available. There is actually no set color for a specific DIMMs. All colors are available and even the big ones can be had accross the board.

You may have noticed, that the DDR2 demo system utilizes the bigger headspreaders, while the retail packaged ones on display use the compact variant. Winchip also produces memory without any such extras, aimed at normal users who are not looking to overclock, but want reliable memory with a long warranty at JEDEC speeds.
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