Cooler Master Centurion 6 Review 2

Cooler Master Centurion 6 Review

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We got our sample inside a brown cardboard box without much writing. It, interestingly enough, states that this is a sample and not for resale. Those buying the case will get a fully colored package instead. The case is held in place by two fairly compact spacers. A plastic bag further protects the Centurion 6 from scratches and fingerprints.


You will get all black screws and golden motherboard stand-offs with the chassis. Cooler Master also included four rails for two hard drives, which is not nearly enough to fill the chassis with drives. You will find two more pairs of rails within the case as these are stuck to two 2.5" trays, which makes for a total of four 3.5" drives. A good number of zip ties, a plastic lock for peripherals, and a manual complete the extras.
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