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Cooler Master Cosmos S Review

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The package of the new Cosmos S is big, no strike that - it is huge! The original Cosmos box has the usual white backdrop and has the case image on the front. With the Cosmos S, there is just an "S" shaped glow and the name of the case up front. It simply adds to the hype of the chassis. The rear has a small image of the case and also shows some of the highlights when compared to the original Cosmos. Both sides of the black package list a few more features and recommendations for the case.

Cooler Master has opted for Styrofoam spacers to protect the case during shipping, but has also packaged the case in a big brown cloth bag. Certainly a first for PC cases. While the bag is definitely enough to protect the case from scratches, the rough surface would become a danger to the case itself, so the Cosmos S has been placed in a thick plastic bag itself.


Inside the case you will find the contents in a small white box. These include zip ties in various sizes, the usual bag of screws. A pair of rails to be used for a floppy drive and a manual round up the package.
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