Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 Flux Review 4

Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 Flux Review

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Performance Summary

These charts showcase the cooler's overall performance utilizing only stock and overclocked results for Idle and Blender. FPU tests have been omitted because they are not typical workloads. The results themselves have been split into two categories: maximum performance and noise-normalized results. These results have been further separated into graphs for AMD and Intel. This was done for those who care more about headroom and performance; you are shown what a cooler offers and how it does at more acceptable noise output on your platform of choice.

AMD Performance Summary

Intel Performance Summary

Performance per Dollar

When it comes to the overall performance of a cooler, the price can be a significant determining factor. As such, the performance-per-dollar graph delivers. The list below shows how each CPU cooler stacks up to the competition by using each manufacturer's MSRP for pricing. If no MSRP has been listed, pricing is taken from Amazon or Newegg. If no reputable retailer in the USA has the reviewed cooler, pricing will be obtained by checking reputable online retailers in the EU. Pricing, once established, will be converted directly into US dollars. For this test, only the cooler's maximum performance is used, not the noise-normalized results. This is because the graph shown here focuses on the maximum performance you get for the money.

Note that performance per dollar is based on the maximum performance the cooler offers. As such, the stock and overclocked results with the fans set to 100% were used. This is because we are looking at the maximum performance you can get for your hard-earned dollars. Once again, results for Intel and AMD are kept separate for a better look at your platform of choice.

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