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Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

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CoolerMaster recently launched a new gaming mouse dubbed Sentinel Advance in their Storm products line. The mouse features a 5600 DPI double laser sensor like that of many other high end gaming mice on the market today. The mouse is available for around €60 which is quite a steep price considering that the company behind it is not known for their peripherals. If you are into modding you might be pleased to know that this mouse features not one or two LEDs but three, three color LEDs, giving you the option of having it emit any color that you like. The number of LEDs is almost as ridiculous as the length of the name, come on CoolerMaster Marketing division a 32 character long name is just well.. too damn long.


  • Available Color: Black and Gray
  • Material: Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal Plate
  • Dimension: (W) 83.5 X (H) 135 X (D) 40 mm
  • Weight: 161.5 g / 0.356 lb
  • Sensor: 5600 DPI Storm Tactical™ Twin-laser Sensor
  • X&Y Axis Configuration: Independent and programmable
  • Maximum Tracking Speed: 6.00 m/s 235 IPS
  • Maximum Acceleration: 50g
  • Polling Time: 1.0ms
  • Speed Measurement: Real-time
  • Dynamic Surface Adaptation: Tracks on most surfaces, ensures minimal lift-off distance
  • Onboard Memory: 64Kb
  • Form Factor: Right Hand Ergonomic
  • Button Assignment: 8
  • Illumination: IC controlled Illumination with 7 colors and variable lighting effects
  • DPI Display: OLED
  • Weight System: Yes, 4.5g X 5 pcs
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