Cooltek Coolcube Maxi Black Review 3

Cooltek Coolcube Maxi Black Review

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Just like the smaller version, Cooltek ships the Coolcube Maxi in a plain, white cardboard box with blue and black print on it. You will find an image of the chassis on the front and a blow-up diagram on the back, while the sides go into greater detail about its specifications that also let the user know what color is inside the package.

Foam spacers keep the 2 kg light case in place within the box, and a plastic bag protects it from scratches and fingerprints.


Cooltek ships all the necessities with the Coolcube. These include a very simple manual and all the screws necessary to fill the chassis to the rim. You will also receive motherboard spacers and special screws for the installation of fans within the chassis.
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